Athletic Leisure Wear for Women – Stylish & Fashionable!

Athletic leisure wear for women also known as “Athleisure” is clothing that is designed for working out and other activities but can also be worn in other settings such as, at school, the workplace or at casual social events. The idea is that gym clothes are making their way out of the gym and becoming the larger part of peoples everyday wardrobes.

How Athletic Leisure Wear Became so Popular

By some accounts, this trend came about because women could wear these outfits for multiple occasions without having to change, which made it much more convenient to go from the office to the gym. Another attraction for women is the desire for our clothing to be both comfortable and functional and because we tend to get over-scheduled with work, the kids, family, etc. the last thing we want to focus on is our wardrobe.

Athletic leisure wear represents a bigger change in fashion. You are starting to see this appear on designer runways and being promoted more often by celebrities.

How To Wear It!

The trick is layers and what makes it fun is there are No Rules!  First, start with a durable pair of leggings / yoga pants or a cute pair of sweatpants.  Second, add a simple t-shirt and layer with a cute hoodie, a sweatshirt or a denim jacket.  Last, finish off with a comfortable, stylish pair of sneakers, canvas shoes or even a cute pair of flats.  Athletic leisure wear for women is casual clothing that is super versatile and fashionable.  Remember, the key to making athletic wear stylish and fashionable is layering.

Growing Among Generations

Primarily it has been said that Millennials have attributed to the popularity of athletic leisure wear. Millennials have helped athleisure apparel become more fashionable. But, athletic leisure wear is no longer just for Millennials, this fashion apparel is continuing to grow highly among older generations as well.

Is Athletic Leisure Wear Just Another Trend?

NO, because society is welcoming this with open arms and work places are starting to relax their dress codes. Designers are mixing up materials, adding patterns and textures to make athletic leisure wear for women more fashionable.

The last few years there has been such an explosion in athletic apparel so much so that the term “Athleisure” has been added to the dictionary.

Athletic leisure wear for women has been getting cuter and more comfortable everyday so while many people thought this may be a fad or a trend, athletic leisure wear is definitely not going anywhere.

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  1. I like the idea of athletic leisure wear I get the concept because there are times I do not want to change my clothes that much .If I am lounging around the house then feel the need to go out then its more convenient to just wear what ever I have on and take off .I have always subcribed to multi all purpose clothing . Excellent post !

  2. I do like the idea of just going straight from work and to the gym. It saves time and you have less of an excuse to not work out. However, I do worry about what to do if you work in a more strictly work environment like business or law, which usually have dress codes. I guess you could just have it underneath and just change out of it when you work out. But I’m not sure if it defeats the purpose of the athletic leisure clothing?

    Interesting article never the less. I could certainly use one less excuse for the gym.

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